ERISA regulations, as governed by the United States Department of Labor, apply to non-governmental employers, with more than 100 employees, that have any type of self-directed retirement plans.

 “ERISA-related litigation is the future of litigation in Corporate America.” 

“Employees, concerned over viability of retirement, increase ERISA-related lawsuits
from a handful to 11,000 in on year.”  

"Erisa-related litigation is a CEO's worst nightmare."
- ERNST & YOUNG, Benefits Management Conference

"Don't get caught unaware of fiduciary duties. Think your retirement plan administrator
is the sole fiduciary? Think again."

- SMB Human Resources

The Department of Labor (DOL) states that employers have the fiduciary responsibility to provide employee education on the basics of investing if they want to avoid ERISA-and SOX-related litigation. This education must be done by unbiased educators who are not connected with the company or the Plan Provider.

And yet, the DOL recently reported that most employers either are not providing this education or are failing to used unbiased resources. Failure to do so is creating significant liability concerns for employers and causing personal liability exposure for Plan fiduciaries, including CEO's, Human Resource Personnel, Plan committee members, and even the employer's CPA firm.

RBC Provides Positive Solution 

RBC's "Investing For a Great Retirement!" workshop helps provide "Safe Harbor" protection for employers and a solid foundation of investment knowledge for employees. Employees leave this interactive workshop with the ability to verbalize investment fundamentals recommended by the DOL and the confidence to invest more for their future.

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