RBC provides unbiased workshops that help employees learn the basic life skill of managing their money. Our Instructors are certified by the LFE Institute, the only skill-based financial curriculum developer with a 22-year track record of providing Workplace Financial Literacy throughout the U.S.

Our interactive workshops are taught using sound educational practices that
 incorporate the latest accelarated learning methodologies. This ensures predictable outcomes, builds employee confidence, and leads to action-oriented results. 


This unique 3-hour workshop covers a specific System of Money Management to help employees discover how to stretch their paychecks, regain control of their finances, reduce their debts, ease family conflicts over money, and "find" more money to save and invest -- all without ever having to budget! The average employee is able to find an additional $3,000/year using the strategies and techniques covered in this popular workshop, without their employers adding a dime to the payroll. There is no other workshop like "Managing Your Money!" that has generated consistent results with over 300,000 employees nationally.

     Benefits to Employees                            Benefits to Corporations
  • Stretch their paychecks             
  • Reduce their debts
  • Ease family conflict over finances
  • Plug their financial leaks
  • Avoid financial traps and pitfalls
  • "Find" more money to save and invest
  • Enhances productivity
  • Gives employees a raise...without increasing their paychecks!
  • Reduces corporate liability
  • Boosts employee retention
  • Increases 401(k) participation
  • Improves profitability while helping employees personally and professionally



This 1.5 hour skill-based workshop helps employees learn investment basics through powerful accelerated learning methodologies that are unique to the Financial Education field. Participants state that for the first time, they actually understand the basics of investing, asset allocation, and multiple strategies for saving. Verbalizing what action steps they will take before leaving this workshop further empowers employees. This dynamic program not only helps provide "Safe Harbor" protection for corporations, but it also helps educate, encourage, motivate and empower employees to take greater responsibility for their own financial futures. Since 1990, "Investing for a Great Retirement!" has consistently increased employee participation in corporate-sponsored retirement plans.

      Benefits to Employees       Benefits to Corporations
  • The basic principles of investing and how to "fill in the blanks of their investment knowledge
  • Why the 401(k) might be the right solution for them
  • How to select the best 401(k) options
  • How to avoid costly investment pitfalls
  • How to leverage minimal dollars today into maximum retirment income
  • Helps provide Safe Harbor Protection under DOL Section 404(c) and the related Interpretive Bulletins
  • Increases 401(k) participation
  • Enhances productivity
  • Complements 401(k) Provider Communication
  • Sends a positive "we care" message to employees

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