Employee financial stress is at an all-time high in the United States. With consumer debt averaging nearly $9000 per person, negative savings levels, rising healthcare costs, record foreclosures and bankruptcies, and increasing gas prices, 70% of employees today are living paycheck to paycheck. Elaine Chao, US Secretary of Labor, predicted the “Perfect Financial Storm” last year that is now affecting employees nationally. These trends are creating major liability and profitability concerns for employers. 

RBC Provides Positive Solution

At RBC, we partner with employers to provide results-oriented solutions that relieve employee financial stress, helping minimize turnover, worker slowdowns, accidents, workplace violence, garnishments, absenteeism, and the high cost of presenteeism.

We empower employees to make smarter, more informed financial decisions through curriculum designed by the LFE Institute, a leader in Workplace Financial Literacy curriculum design for more than two decades. We sell no financial products or services; our only goal is to teach life-changing strategies that will help every employee build a stronger financial future.

RBC's workshops help employers reposition benefit dollars to offer "employee-friendly" benefits that will enhance productivity, increase bottom-line profitability, retain the best employees, increase 401(k) participation, and provide the company with "safe harbor" protection against potential ERISA-related lawsuits.


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